North Point Village – A Brief History

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North Point Village – A Brief History
With the exception of Reston Town Center this was the last village to be developed. Development started in the early 1980s while Lake Anne and the original sections of Hunters Woods were mid

1960s. North Point is geographically the area north of Baron Cameron Ave/Rt. 606 and out to Leesburg Pike/Rt. 7 with cheap car insurance quotes a western border at the Fairfax County Parkway. The Bowman family land holdings were enormous and this piece of dirt when we moved to Reston in 1965 was unused by the family and the most stunning as far as the terrain, trees and natural lay of the land. Over the years Gulf Reston and later Mobile Land Development really perfected the art of land use and development. You can see it in the streetscapes, the parceling out of the different ‘blocks’ of dirt for homes, townhomes, condos and apartments plus space for shopping and community amenities. The extensive network of Reston pathways connecting the numerous parks, schools, tennis and pools plus the shopping areas takes one on spectacular walks with great vistas and scenery.

I don’t mention people who were active in this planning and vision for fear of leaving people out… but many of the early Gulf Reston employees transitioned with the sale of the ‘town’ to Mobil Land Development (the Mobil Oil subsidiary that took over from Gulf Oil). Gulf Reston was a purveyor of dirt

– whether commercial or residential – and a very active builder/developer while Mobil Land was strictly a land seller – they did not participate in the actual home building business. Early builders in North Point were CP1 ( PD Gravett and Peter Gulick ), Fairfield Homes (the Neill family), VanMetre Homes, Ryland Homes, Roger Amendola, Warren Katz, The Lipnick Family and Deck House. I will call CP1 the first to build in North Reston … we handled the sales of their homes at The Wellborn Company – Reston’s first Realtors in the early 80s – there were no roads in place and that is the way I remember it. A trailer was perched on Baron Cameron near where the North Point Tennis facility is located and the Bromley Village homes were sold from the trailer…we told people the lots are ‘somewhere up there’ and hiked up in our muck boots.

Fairfield Homes offered two series – we called them simply…the big houses and the smaller ones! Fairfield Homes was the first in Reston to introduce the concept of a typical Northern Virginia colonial but with either a farm house style front porch or a Victorian looking “full wrap around porch” that covered the front and halfway down the side. It was an amazingly popular option and people loved them! The style was so popular that in order to keep variation in the street scapes the builders were limited as to how many they could sell of each facade and how they were placed to avoid everyone having the same house with that sought after porch. They haved aged quite well and are still sought after twenty five years later.
There are two elementary schools in North Point – Aldrin and Armstrong. Students then follow on to Herndon Intermediate and Herndon High School. The North Point Village shopping center was developed and owned by the Lerner family from DC. It is a great center and one of the most successful in the area and where you can find just about anything. Many people like living in North Point because of the proximity to the center. The largest swimming pool of the many in Reston is in North Point and home to many major swim meets.
Housing choices range from apartment rentals, condominiums from $225,000 to $400,000; townhouses from $300,000 to $800,000, patio homes from $600,000 to $1,000,000 and detached homes starting at about $700,000 and going into the $2,000,000 range.

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