Lake Anne Village

Lake Anne Village is one f the five distinct villages in Reston also including Hunters Woods, South Lakes, Tall Oaks and North Point – Lake Anne is the only one that represents the concept, design and thoughts of original developer Robert E Simon  (RESton)…the name Reston is a compilation of his initials.

Mr. Simon’s (Bob to the locals) plan was for each village to be unique unto itself and offer housing, shops, amenities and athletic pursuits within walking distance of each home.  In Lake Anne, clustered around the lake, you will find apartments, condominiums, townhouses – small to very large – and detached single family homes in varied price ranges side by side, cheek by jowl all with the same rights, privileges and access to the same amenities.   Many people in Reston, in general, but Lake Anne in particular never leave.  They start out in a small apartment, move up to a condo, buy a townhouse and it many cases move onto the water or into a single family home.   Then as the population ages people move to more suitable housing within the area – from the big house to a more manageable or maintenance free lifestyle of a condominium.

Lake Anne Plaza is a historic landmark and appears today as it was when opened in the summer of 1965.  It is designed to resemble a contemporary version of a European fishing village. You can circle the lake on a paved pathway system crossing canals, bridges and parkland and beaches.  Home to shops, restaurants, book and art shops it is loved for the lack of any large, corporately owned businesses – these are family owned and operated, ‘buy local’ establishments belonging to your neighbors.

Saturday mornings until noon is a seasonal farmers market – May thru October; running concurrently is an open air market and bazaar on the water front.  During the summer months outdoor evening concerts are held on the plaza and there are weekly scheduled events for children of all ages on the plaza – magicians, sing alongs, arts + crafts, etc.

Rentals – from about $1200 to $4500 per month

Condos – from about $200,000 to $500,000

Townhouses – from about $300,000 to $800,000

Single family – from about $550,000 to over $1,000,000