Real estate tips – tip #5 Making your house accessible

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014 in Reston Real Estate Report

Real estate tips – tip #5  Making your house accessible

Having your house on the market involves a certain invasion of privacy.  If you’re lucky, agents will be previewing it and showing it to buyers with some regularity.  On one hand, you’ll want to make it reasonably accessible to real estate professionals and their prospects.   On the other hand, you don’t want to step out of your shower as a local broker is bringing in a group of buyers.

In many areas agents use a handy little tool of the trade called a ‘lockbox’.   On an occupied property, agents call first and let the owner know when they’ll be by.   If no one is home, an agent with a special key card can open the box, retrieve the key and let themselves in.  The other extreme of accessibility is requiring a day’s notice, and insisting that your listing agent accompany each showing.  This will eliminate a lot of the inconvenience to you, but it will also eliminate most of the showings of your house.  Whatever arrangements you work out, keep in mind that the easier you make it for us to see and show your home, the easier you make it for us to sell it more quickly.

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