Lake Anne Villiage in Reston, VA – A Brief History

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Lake Anne Villiage in Reston, VA – A Brief History

Lake Anne is the first/original/oldest village in Reston. It is the only place where you will see the fine imprint and guiding principles initiated by the founder/developer and creator Robert E Simon. To

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a true Restonian it

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is the area bordered by Baron Cameron Avenue, Wiehle Avenue, North Shore Drive and Reston Parkway. It is home to the HIdden Creek Country Club which started out as a public golf course, Reston’s first elementary school – Lake Anne, two of

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Reston’s first churches – the Baptists on Lake Anne plaza, the Methodists on North Shore Drive. The Baptist chuch is known for not looking like a church but for being ‘that big square box’ holding court in the middle of Lake Anne plaza. The Methodist church in the recent past is more well known for the spectacular renovation and enormous additions done to the property on North Shore Drive.

Robert Simon, still going strong at the young at heart age of 98, was a devoted believer of art in public spaces. Any visit to Lake Anne, especially with a young person in tow, will make it pretty apparent the lengths Mr. Simon and his team went to to incorporate art into the community – the fountain at Lake Anne, the climbing pyramid at the plaza entrance, the concrete boat and surrounding structures, the tower overlook, the Van Gogh bridge spanning the canal…wonder the path to Hickory Cluster and see the amazing artifacts set into the concrete under the North Shore Drive bridge…sit a spell on the hanging bench overlooking the lake.

The beauty of Lake Anne is there is housing for everyone – rental apartments, small condos and townhouses, single family detached homes. Condos, townhomes and detached homes on the water or on the golf course. From any home, like most in Reston, it is a short walk to a community pool or tennis facility but in Lake Anne it is also a brief walk to Lake Anne, the golf course, the farmers market, concerts on the lake and the shops and restaurants on the plaza. Housing prices range from about $200,000 for a two bedroom condo, $300,000 and up for a townhouse and detached homes today ranging from the $550,000s to over a million for waterfront. Lake Anne is also home to the Lake Anne Fellowship house – home for senior citizens.

Most Lake Anne residents love the diversity of the community, the uniqueness of the housing styles … where most often the house you live in is associated with the architect who designed it in the 60s…and could not see themselves living anywhere else. It is a common reply when you ask one of the residents where they live they don’t say Reston, but in their case Lake Anne – it says it all.

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